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Meet our Alumni Apprentices

Meet the people who have experienced the program and hear what they have to say. See how they have been able to gain impactful hands on experience and where this opportunity has taken them. Learn more about our program through their testimonials to see why Good Marketers Group apprenticeship might be good for you.


Summer 2018

Check out our Apprentice Blog to hear about each of our Summer 2018 “Fernwood Freshman’s” experiences.

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Spring 2018 Cohort

"My apprenticeship with GMG has given me real-world experience in the industry I want to work in and connected me to many people in my field - so useful! Who knew ethics and marketing can go together? I'm stoked to say they do!"

About Tina & Jordan


Our time with Good Marketers Group allowed us to have hands-on experience and grow professionally as we took on various tasks and roles in the company. We developed our web design skills, implement designs on client’s webpages, compiled reports, and learned more about social media marketing and fundraising. It was a very valuable experience to work in such a supportive and refreshing environment.

What can you say about the Experience?

We gained a real feel for working in an agency through Good Marketers Group and got to sample various different roles within the company which allowed us to narrow down the areas we enjoy the most. Through being able to be a part of various company meetings and environments, we gained a well-rounded understanding of the industry and skills we will apply in the future.

Jordan and Tina's Experience

What Did You Work on During Your Apprenticeship?

Jordan: I had the chance to develop web design skills, implement designs on client’s webpages, and compile reports. I loved getting down into the nitty-gritty of how a campaign is run, and then seeing the results. Oh, and I also loved using and creating mockups; designing websites from a graphic perspective was awesome!

Tina: Putting together the plan for a client’s event was one of my favorite tasks. It required a diverse skill set including client interaction to project plan drafting. Because it was a fundraising event, it had a direct impact on the client. Being able to see a tangible impact from my work was amazing, especially because I joined Good Marketers group to use my business skills to do good in the world!

What Can You Say About the Experience?

Jordan: As an apprentice specializing in Digital Marketing, I gained a real feel for working in an agency, with a nice variety of roles to try out. I used to joke that GMG was a bit like a tapas bar for job duties -- a real sampler of different things. Getting to be apart of meetings brought a lot of perspective and energy into how Benifactor works, but agencies in general. As a result, I can move forward in my career knowing now what a variety of environments might play out like, and I’m much more mindful of what direction and specialties suit my abilities and inclinations.

Tina: My time spent with Good Marketers Group was very informative. It was a great stepping stone and really helped me figure out what my role could be in a professional environment. The office culture is fun and friendly and gave me a great sense of belonging. While the work was challenging, I learned a generous amount about multiple areas of the company.


Fall 2017 Cohort

"It was a very rewarding experience to work in the digital marketing sector helping charities and nonprofit organizations achieve their goals. Not to mention the hands-on learning and working with wonderful people in a collaborative environment."

About Silvana


I worked on multiple projects at the same time during my time with Good Marketers Group. Some of those projects included supporting ads, campaign planning, and ad execution for all of the company’s clients. My main project was to create a Social Media Strategy plan for the company and I really enjoyed working on that!

What can you say about the Experience?

My experience at GMG allowed me to gain hands-on experience and grow professionally as I walked through the program. Having the opportunity to learn about social media marketing and fundraising was very valuable. It was great work with an amazing team in such a supportive environment.

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