Good Marketers

A New Generation of Marketers


Good Marketers Group grew out of a desire to create a new generation of marketers that want to have an impact in the world using their skills, data, technology, design, and strategy - for good.

Our Apprenticeship provides recent graduates and co-op students the opportunity to work in Victoria, BC with marketing driven organizations that partner with non-profits all over the world in digital, traditional, and integrated marketing efforts. 

Apprentices are given the opportunity to collaborate and work closely with our partner agencies’ teams, learning the tools of the trade and gaining tangible experience. After completing their apprenticeship, they will become a part of our growing alumni network, staying connected through a dedicated LinkedIn group as well as local events.


Our Mission

To develop the next generation of marketers through a unique apprenticeship program that focuses on ethical fundraising and effective marketing strategies to positively impact the nonprofit sector.