Good Marketers Certificate

Good Marketers Group is a Not For Profit organization that provides a space of vocational discernment for apprentices.

We want to ensure that each apprentice has a comprehensive and diverse set of experiences engaging with marketing for nonprofits and charitable organizations throughout their program. Here’s a list of requirements for each apprentice to achieve in order to receive the Good Marketers Certificate.


Agency Experience Each apprentice will complete a minimum of 16 weeks (480 hours) program in which they will be integrated into Benifactor partnering agencies. They will be provided mentorship and the ability to explore several skill sets as they develop and achieve their professional goals.

Legacy Projects Each apprentice will contribute to a legacy project that you will complete with your cohort. The cohort will work as their own GMG Marketing agency and will complete the project for a Benifactor client. This project will provide an additional service to our clients outside of our agencies’ regular service offerings and will be supervised and managed by the GMG supervisor.

Community Outreach Each apprentice will be responsible for participating in a minimum of 10 volunteer hours towards community outreach for a local Victoria initiative/NPO/organization for a vulnerable population. Your GMG supervisor is available to assist and/or facilitate in the coordination of the initiative(s) of your choice.

Client Success Each apprentice will be responsible for conducting two surveys that will have an important impact on how Benifactor can improve the relationships with our clients, and improving overall client satisfaction.

Client Success Survey: The purpose of this survey is to assess areas that require more attention from a specific client’s perspective.

Internal Agency Client Success Survey: The purpose of this survey is to assess areas that require more attention from a specific client, according to the corresponding Benifactor agencies’ (Frontier or Charity Electric) perspective.

Client Fundraising Each apprentice will be responsible for seeking and acquiring additional funds for one of our clients. It is at the apprentice’s discretion on how they choose to fundraise for a client of their choice. Some strategies suggested are:

  • Seeking for and acquiring scholarships/grants/sponsorships on behalf of a client

  • Hosting events (Go as big as a silent auction or as small as a bake sale, it’s up to you!)

  • Selling raffle tickets

  • Let your creative marketing genius run wild!

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